fencingsculptor (fencingsculptor) wrote,

A Cheese related Post

Ok people listen up !

I'm about to provide you some rather splendid advice free of charge….not bad when you consider that learning this lesson just cost me 75 pence !

I had a rather large lunch today (Chinese if you're interested - but not a whole one) so decided that I would only need something very light tonight.

I had a few groceries to pick, so called into Sainsbury's in Croydon. I decided that I'd have a nice bowl of soup and a couple of fresh rolls.

Nice, simple, tasty even.

I selected...pay attention this is where it all went horridly wrong.... a tin of Stilton and Broccoli soup.

I got home I opened the tin.

The bouquet was less than appetising but what the heck eh ? It was bound to taste better once heated right?

Wrong !

Just wrong on sooooooo many levels.

It's m dubious pleasure to inform you , dear reader, that stilton and broccoli soup looks, smells and indeed I'm sure tastes much as I imagine Chiwawa Vomit to taste.

Do yourselves a favour people, avoid the Chiwawa vomit flavoured soup at all costs.

Cheese is to be enjoyed with a fine port and a cracker and indeed maybe a cracker biscuit too.

I am now convinced that the good Lord never intended Cheese to be turned into soup.

It is the work of Satan's little Pixies people, you mark my words !
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