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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

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Giving things up for Lent...
Well given that today is the start of lent and I'm supposed to be giving up things that I like and given last nights post, I briefly contemplated giving up collecting $hi!te.

Then I did a search for Cinefex on EvilBay and found about 6 of the volumes I need all on sale for under a fiver....

...Now who's the patron saint for lost causes again ?!

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Buy 'em, buy 'em, buy 'em.

Get thee behind me Telemeister !

...and I just found out who the patron saint of lost causes is....

Hey it's Jude !

All together now...

Na-na-na Na-na-na NA!
Na-na-na-Na- Hey Jude !

Although in your case that lyric should probably be:

Ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha HA!
Ha-ha-ha-Ha- Nay, Jude!

Are you calling me a a laughing lune ?

...I might...

It depends on what you just said...

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