fencingsculptor (fencingsculptor) wrote,

"We have such sights to show you! "

Funny thing happened last night...

Last night was fencing training - I always turn up first to get the kit out and set up the hall or the students.

I picked up my mask and coaching jacket as normal ... but unbeknown to me someone had swithed my mask....to a really small one....which in itself wouldn't have been a problem had the internal padding been attached...but it had come loose......so I come to show a rather attractive newbie how to put a mask on....deftly done with one hand....then I removed it ....only to scrape my face on the spikey patch of velcro !!

I felt the mask scrape my face but didn't think any more of it.

...Until this morning when I went to shave.... and realised that I had paralell scrapes from chin to up my nose and cheek up to my forehead.

I look like Pinhead from Hellraiser

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