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Hey ho.

Younger Bro has stuffed up this weekend too it seems. He stuffed up last weekend with the ridiculous rows after the BBQ and getting himself and everyone else upset about how quickly or otherwise he's decorating his house. I had been planning for many weeks now to go over to his place today and to do his lounge ceiling in the same subtle artex stylee as I have done all the rooms in Chateau Fencing Sculptor.

However when I phoned last night to check whether they were ready for meand whether I should let myself in while they were at work he explained that he thought I was coming over on Sunday and staying for dinner.


That was never part of the agreement , (and nor was giving Han to this Bounty Hunter....this deal is getting orse all the time)

Scratch the last bit...new Star Wars DVDs are out....well old ones to be precise...but I digress.... It was never the arrangement that I would go over on Sunday, as Sunday I have fencing and as you will know from Friday an Appointment with a dream to meet a Moonwalker in London !

Dadgammit ! (Hands up who gets the reference?)

So Instead of going over there today I did work around the house and in the Afternoon I went up to the Science Museum. I was going to go tomorrow but if I am to do younger bro's ceiling I wouldn't have time to nip accross to the science museum and pick up any Apollo 12 books....and they are the only place in town which stock Apogee Books (Nasa Mission Reports) .... Hey ho. So off I trotted late afternoon and picked up volume two of the Apollo 12 Report.

On the plus side I did actually get to watch the last night of the Proms which always marks the run towards the beginning of Autumn.

Turning in now as tomorrow will be very busy.

I need to Chop down overhanging parts of neighbours tree that will obstruct new fence which is scheduled to go up on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Clean house coz on Monday night I'm fencing after court.

Decoratre Bros flat in Grays.
Take Sharon's BBQ back.
Work out how to get to Camden from A Essex or B Croydon.

Go to the Space art show at the Roundhouse.

Try and get a high res scan of Al bean for him to sign so I can frame it !

lots to do...
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