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They're coming to take me away Ha Ha ! They're coming to take me away Ho Ho
Ah rainy autumn runs ...great stuff:

I figured a watched torrent never downloads, so I kitted up and sodded off.
Usual route.

Only managed to chase one mental squirrel.

I say 'chase' it bounced a few paces away warily while managing to look contemptuously over it's shoulder. Which for a squirrel I thought was quite a feat.


Grazes up my spine are ok as the water bottle loaded day sack sat off 'em, but the blisters across the top of my left foot are all open again. I thought I'd be able to get away without covering them - seemingly not.

I varied the pace of the run today starting quite slow and picking it up on the hills, actually managed a sprint up the last hill to the top of my road - was quite glad I hadn't had anything to eat or drink this morning as I was dry-retching at the end of it. If I'd have had my porridge oats as usual they'd be in the gutter outside.

Gnarly/insane who's to say.

Still I have learned on thing, and that is there's nothing the body can't endure if it's able to listen to Johnny Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra performing "the Desert Chase"......


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