fencingsculptor (fencingsculptor) wrote,

Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores;

I have been watching various theatrical releases of Ridley Scott's seminal film (aren't they all?!) Blade Runner, and watching some fascinating deleted scenes and unfilmed story board sequences.

Vast numbers of articles, and indeed books, have been written about which is the best version and countless documentaries filmed by greasy quiffed critics examining what should and should not have been included.... and fans hold entrenched views about their preferred versions.

Me I want it all in there, keep the narrative, bung in the deleted scenes of Holden in the incubator, restore the unicorn sequence, include the newly filmed shots with Joanna Cassidy, go back and film the scenes that never made it off the storyboards and leave the fwuffy ending in there (knicked as it was, from Kubricks 'The Shinning') because I like it that Rachael and Deckard left Los Angeles to head north and live out their lives together (….not just coz I'm a big old softee at heart, but because that genuinely fits with the film......I don't normally like added on endings following test audience screenings)

So, to my mind, there's still another version to be released...

and it's all, sublime beautiful and atmospheric and I love every single bit of it.....
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