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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

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Sort Your Evidence base out, and Peer Test your Conclusions Numb Nuts.
Supposably ten years into the new century we are the generation that’s going to live longer than any preceding generations. We have better standards of living, longer projected life spans, raised awareness of healthy lifestyles, medical care that is more technologically superior to any other point in history.

And now HMG says we’re going to have to pay for the privilege.

I wouldn’t have a major problem with that if it were true, but scientifically you see …it’s all a load of bollocks.

This is because given the overwhelming evidence of childhood and adult obesity, the misuse of recreational drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), and STDs and all the mental and physical implications thereof (diabetes, degenerative brain disease, heart disease, STDs) I see little evidence that we have arrived in Utopia, and therefore would like, most wholeheartedly, not to have to pay for it , thank you very much.

I would however like the civil Service to be armed and permitted in law to dispense summary justice.

Thank you very much. Carry on….

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I think my parents and their parents' generations are the healthiest so far - they had far less luxury as children and far more exercise. We (by which I mean my generation) are office-bound, surrounded by unhealthy food in huge abundance and are either bored, depressed, stressed or poorly educated, so we eat and drink too much. Many of us will have crappy pensions too.

Very sweeping, many exceptions, but overall I think it's right.

ETA - so if we do outlive them it will be via the magic of drugs, which I find fitting.

Edited at 2009-10-19 11:31 am (UTC)

I agree with all your sweeping statements !

When I seize</i> get into power you shall be armed too.

Those of us that grew up in the 70's and 80's should be ok, as we went out to play, weren't programmed to be petrified of peados and generally had a laugh...

It's terrifying to think that post 1990s there are kids growing up in mega cities who genuinely don't know where milk comes from and don't realise that chips are potatos...... and that's dispite everything being green and sustainable.....

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