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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

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Dostoevsky or a Star Wars figure ?
I love Charlie Brooker's style of comedy.

His Screenwipe on BBC3 would often leave me helpless with laughter . It's his genuine honesty and skill at pointing out the ludicrous aspects of the accepted norm that makes him, so effective.

Anyway this piece for the guardian is great ! and made me laugh out loud at my desk here in the Department of Confibularities and local Gulibility....


Replace Dostoevsky with a Star Wars figure and he could be talking about me !

I wonder how much Play are doing Cosmos for ?

....and whether the OST is available (my 33rpm vinyl needs replacing!)

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Er, the Star Wars figure please, for the bald chap in the corner. And all the others.

Mind you, I'm the same with guitar tutorials, I have a few DVDs and books that I have bought to improve my chops, and I've watched them/read the first thirty pages but can't discipline myself to play exactly what I'm told to. I first learned to play over thirty years ago by playing along with records, so that's my MO, and I either can already play what I'm being taught or can't keep up with it and feel discouraged.

I'm okay with CDs and movie DVDs, though: I listen to/watch every one of 'em. Yes indeedy.

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