fencingsculptor (fencingsculptor) wrote,

Yeah But No But Yeah But No But................

Yeah, as it happens.....

Got in after what can only be described as a pretty grim week, involved as always in the utterly pointless and trivial machinations of government.

Decided I was too tired to contemplate a session at the gym - fixed a snack and a mug of tea (little voice in head whispered "Quitter") - caught up on my e-mails (Little voice in head made some sarcastic comment about "saggy arse") - surfed a bit.... got something frozen out of the freezer for dinner (little voice questioned "did I really to eat that much especially as I hadn't done any exercise?) - 7:15 flollopped into coach and switched the TV and channel hoped on at exactly the right point too see someone working out ! Little voice in head was about to start up when...

begrudgingly prised saggy arse out of particularly comfortable sofa - emptied sweaty gym kit from rucksac and headed off to the gym for the usual friday gym and swim session. Booked a weights session with a trainer on Tuesday evening.

"There doesnt that feel better ? and don't I feel good ? .....

Little voice cruising for a ****ing good kicking !
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