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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

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I do do Memes....
Seven interesting (or maybe not) things about me, as seen on Caddyman's Journal:
  • I used to produce and present a monthly  radio programme on BBC Local Radios Kent and Essex on Astronomy and Spaceflight  in the late 1980s. I wrote it myself and used to have a mail bag, do phone-ins  and was featured in an edition of the Radio Times which featured Sherlock Holmes on the front cover.
  • It's 10 years since I had kiss.
  • I was once a Diary Secretary to two very different Ministers of State between 1999 and 2001. Nick Raynsford MP Housing and Planning Minister, and Lord Falconer Planning Minister.
  • After seeing, 'Labyrinth'  & Joe Johnston's adaptation of Dave Steven's 'Rocketeer' I developed a massive crush on Jennifer Connelly. In 1995/6 while working at Shepperton on a really rubbish film called Bryl Cream Boys I spent the entire  day and evening  on set where this very attractive brunette was hanging out with Bill Campbell who was the lead(turns out she was his girlfriend).  I only found out later  that it was Jenniffer Connelly !!!!!! (not that I would ever have had the guts to say hello.......)
  • One of my relatives is burried in  the cloisters of Westminster Abby.
  • My Grandad (my Mum's Dad) served on board HMS Ajax during the Battle of the River Plate in WWII.
  • I have a large collection of fossils and rock which I collected as a child - my favorite find was a piece of sharks jaw bone  which included   a tooth set in jawbone and also shows fossilised skin !!!!!

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Downstairs in my cellar I have a wooden door which came off HMS Ajax when she was broken up at Cashmore's yard in Newport. My father also bought a lot of teak deck planking and used it as flooring for the bungalow he built in 1957. What was left was used as floor blocks at a House called Rhiwlas Mill - and it is stll there.

It's really strange when coincidences like this happen it's it....
I bought my Mum a small decorative barrel made from deck timber from HMS Ajex's deck a couple of years back.

Now these are indeed interesting. You were on the cover of Radio Times? I am impressed!

Ah no I'm sorry - I didn't make myself clear - I was mentioned in an artcle that covered the programme in which I did my Astronomy slot. There wasn't a photo - which is good as I was a spotty yoof !

I might see if I can scan the piece...for interwebby prosperity

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