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Meh *Shrug*

Bonjour mes amis.

So it's Saturday Morning then.

Some how two days just completely vanished.

Thursday was spent with Mum and Dad, getting a laptop for my Mum who up to now has never really been allowed to use the PC my Dad bought afew years ago.

The experience was not a pleasant one with Dad kicking off over Microsoft Office. I would have been able to secure a copy for significantly less than the £70 PC World wanted, but he just went off on one shouting in the middle of the store and frankly winding Mum and I right up.

As he gets older he has a tendancy of behaving like a petulant 5 year old and seems not to care who's around to see it. All in all deeply upsetting but just the latest in aline of upsetting incidents.

Mum ended up with a lovely 17" screen 2 Gig Memory 120 gig HD Advent PC. We got home just after 1pm and it took most of the rest of the day on the phone to BT getting it connected to the Wireless network and then getting Norton antivirus and firewalls installed.

I ended up staying for dinner and left at about 20:30 hrs. Allin all a very tiring and stressfull day - still Mum is happy and online so objective achieved.

Friday was a bit of a non day, got up early and allowed myself the luxury of watching aCouple of Episodes of Fraiser and Will and Grace on TV before getting up and washed. The I went and got my hair cut.

I don't know if it actually qualifies as a new haircut, I are not fashionable in any way whatso ever, but apparently its sort of spikey pulled forward affair which is meant to be a little more hip than the side parting semi hippy I have sported for the last 36 years.

The style requires product apparently.

This worries me. First I'm a bloke - the rules say Ablutions consist of soap, a flannel, a tooth brush, toothpaste and ...NOTHING ELSE.

Second, apparently now I need a tub of Teatree Shaping Gum costing £12 for fecks sake....and it absolutely mustn't be Shock Waves or something else I forgot ...but VO5 might do.

Sorry did someone mistake me for Metrosexual Guy FFS ?

Since the hair cut has in my opinion failed to make me indistinguishable from Daniel Craig I suspect it will get the same treatment it has fro the last 36 years - a rub down with a towel and time/ cold weather permitting a bit of a going over with a hairdryer so I don't 'catch my death'.

After 'the haircut' I dropped my suit into the dry cleaners called in to see the aged parents as i was passing the door. Mum was out but it took about 2 minutes before Dad started spouting words of thoughtlessness... first off he was irritated ( said S*** we can't all be away at the same time) to discover that I am preparing to go to the States at the same time he and Mum are planning to go to Northumberland - and then segued into saying I was 'silly' for wanting to see the shuttle launch on the 8th as it was bound to be cancelled....

This was one push too far so I answered him back as politely as I could and pointing out that I couldn't exactly see why he bothered paying to see Cripple Palace play Football but that wasn't it great that differnt things floated differnt peoples boats .... I made my excuses and left. Honestly he could alienate me more if he tried.

I love my folks imeasurably but by God they wind me up - well Dad does.

I got home and watched a bit of telly, did a bit of sculpting, listened to bit of music, watched some more telly, fell asleep on the sofa , had dinner, did a bit more sculpting, finished a couple of Doctor Who vids, had a bottle of Spitfire and posted a tutorial I'd been promising to do on a website and went to bed at about 12:40 am.

So Friday was a bitty day.

Couldn't sleep so drifted off to the eccentric Soundtrack from Amelie......

I love that film and soundtrack and no matter how glum I feel Amelie can usually calm me down and make me smile.....

Sharon has one of those Gnomes you know.....
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