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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

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I’ve just been a bit of a klutz.
I just nipped to the loo.

As I was approaching the door I put my hand out to open the door, while at the same time, I looked down at my foot and noticed one of those oval labels you get on fruit sticking out from under the sole of my shoe, this distracted me momentarily. It was at this point I head-butted the door to the men’s lavatories quite hard , giving rise to a really loud thud and me going “ouch”.

I looked around slightly embarrassed by my stupidity , to see if anyone had seen and had collapsed in fits of giggles…..fortunately there wasn’t anyone around.

Just don’t tell anyone ok…..

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Sign of aging that, the looking about to see if anyone noticed I mean. Another two years and you won't bother to look cos you'll know they were all lined up watching.

Yep I think you're right.

I have increasingly been getting lost for words, my Mother tells me it's a sure sign that I'm developing 'senior moments'.

Thank you sooooooo much Mother dearest !

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