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Hot Desking....Literally

The Temperature in the building last week and yesterday especially has been neigh on unbearable.

Yesterday it was so bad, I risked being electrocuted by a sweaty short circuit on my keyboard to send the following to our Building Management Team:

From: Fencing Sculptor
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 2:23 PM
To: Building Services Help Desk
Subject: Excessively hot conditions

Dear Building Services

I am located in XXX in XXXX House where we are experiencing excessively high temperatures in the Spur of the floor.

It is oppressively hot, and there appears to be no noticeable affect from the air-conditioning.

Could you please let us know when working conditions will become more comfortable or explain why things are currently so uncomfortable.

The response was as follows:

From: The Unhelpful desk
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 4:24 PM
To: FencingSculptor

Subject: RE: Excessively hot conditions


Unfortunately there is a problem with one of the chillers in XXXX House at the moment which means that the building is currently operating with just one chiller and is struggling to cool the building. The equipment is currently being worked on but it would appear that there is no quick solution and it will be a few days before it is running effectively again.

All that we can suggest for the moment is that you ensure that any blinds you have in your area are closed to reduce solar gain but unfortunately we do not carry a stock of fans that we can loan to people. Fans can only be provided if you have a documented medical condition.

The only good news appears to be that the weather forecast suggests lower temperatures over the coming few days but I wish to reassure you that we are working to repair the problem as soon as we can.

Simple Simon
Unhelpfulldesk Manager

So the official response to the issue of broken air-conditioning seemed to be, along the lines of "pull the blinds down to recreate working in a cave, have all the lights on burning energy and putting out more heat, and let's all just cross our fingers that the weather turns miserable so that we can work in comfort."

Personally I was leaning more toward the "hoping that some private sector twit did their job properly to ensure that it didn't break down in the first place" line…..

Jean Luc Picard says:

Jean Luc Is not Impressed
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