fencingsculptor (fencingsculptor) wrote,

Raiders of the Lost Bootleg

I bought another soundtrack off Ebay last week.

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Lots of reasons.

1) Top soundtrack up their with the best of them and probably as seminal piece of work as Star Wars and ET(which I bought 10 days ago)
2) Replaced my cassette version which I can't play on anything mobile.
3) Spent Saturday wandering round the British Museum looking at the Ninevah and Babylon exhibits which I have a 100 year old book written by the british explorer who actually discovered the stuff in mondern day Iraq.

Join the dots 'Paul's brain stylee' - Museums - Archeaology - My antique books and history lessons from school - Indiana Jones - Indy theme ...want sound track !

to be finished later.....

.... ok it's later...continues.

I actually have the soundtrack on cassette along with a lot of thoer rare and deleted music - but I don't have a cassette walkman anymore. So having bought a cople of CDs from Evilbay recently I decided to browse for the indy soundtracks.

They all seemed a bit pricy but eventually a Silva Screen Recording came up for offer seemed a genuine CD listed with serial number etc claimed to be a genuine CD.

When it arrived today it turned out to be perhaps the most unconvincing Bootleg disk possible. Really annoyed by this.

Sent the joker a an e-mail raising my concerns, telling him that if he couldn't provide an explaination for the obvious dodgy natiured of the CD then I wanted my money back and would report him to ebay and Music fraud bods if necessary. He responded saying that I was threatening and that he would leave me negative feedback - since I paid him within 10 minutes I hardly think thats fair.

Very fed up now. Why is nothing ever straight forward !!!
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