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Stuff Round up

Well the long weekend is over and it's taken approximately 5 minutes sat at my desk for any restorative effect to be kicked out of me.

I am now looking to bail from this post as frankly we’re short staffed, overworked , I’m doing work well above my grade and in the absence of Albert my line manager am not exactly getting inspiring leadership from our lost leadership. …and more importantly I’m loosing money at my current grunt grade.

In short I don’t really care anymore.

I’m counting down the minutes until the weekend…and then two weeks away from this place…back for a week (barely time to catch up ) and off for another two weeks, back for a week, to catch up on the catching up…and then off for another week , and hopefully a new job….

The long weekend was spent working quite hard actually.

Friday Morning I pottered , and then in the afternoon went over to Essex to see Sharon and to go and see the much over hyped Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull. …..I’ve still not recovered from the shock of the film……and then went back to spend the afternoon chatting out in her garden before noshing on pizza and garlic bread, before chatting away again until after 11:20 pm and the 45 minute drive home.

Saturday morning I had a slow start, I went over to Wested and picked up my Raiders trousers which were on back order since March April. I’d ordered 34 inch waist but these aren’t that generous and I think I’m going to need to take them back :o( It’s weird as my 34 inch jeans are fine, but my suit trousers are 36 (as the 34 were too tight) I’ve been in reasonable good shape ever since getting back from Nepal in March 2006, but I’ve just not been doing enough exercise and am prone to having a large upper frame , and of late I’ve been hanging plenty off it ! I need to loose the flab and replace it with lean muscle ! Given that I am flat broke at the moment I decided not to go to Shopping in Croydon or Bromley and instead spent Saturday afternoon , Gardening Heroically ! I blame feeling inspired by watching the BBC coverage of the Chelsea flower show last week ! (Rachel DeThame is looking fine as always a little older but hot with it...she can come and help me in the garden anyday !!) The weather was fine and it was bright and breezy so I hunted around in the shed and eventually found my misplaced gardening gloves and set too.

I dug out about 25 foot by 2 foot stretch of flower bed/border, using a fork and shovel , sorting out rocks , stones and rubble, digging out weed and grass, and then levelling the bed, cutting out a couple of tree/ large bush roots, and mowing the lawn. I worked from about 3 pm to about 8:30 pm ! I was knackered by the evening but the garden really did look very lovely, bare but lovely. I think as I dig out and clean up all the rough bits , it’ll leave me with a really fabulous blank canvas which I can then work on.

Sunday morning I woke early, and headed off to the gym. I did a 15/20 weights, session, an hour on the cross trainer and then did a 1.5km swim.
Afterwards I went to Sainsbury’s did the weekly shop and called in on my Grandmother, where I also saw my parents , and then went back to chateaux fencing sculptor and while the weather held off , dug out the final 15 foot stretch of boarder, again levelling off the ground as far as I could and digging out all the bricks , flint , stone and chalk lumps. The rain overnight made it rather heavy going, but after working from about 2:30 to 7:45, when I stood back and admired my handiwork the garden had taken another quantum leap forward.

I estimate I have another two days heavy digging and labouring to do, and after that I can start planting out shrubs, trying to knock the lawn into shape and getting on with some planting ! What was really nice , after a second hard day's Heroic Gardening is that since I bought another load of feeders (i now have: an 8"& 15" seed feeder, a suit ball holder, a suit block feeder, a Tay seed feeder, and a nut feeder - 6 feeder in all !) the garden was full of sparrows, starlings, dunnocks, collared doves, woodpigeons, Magpies, blackbirds, blue tits and even a very shy Great Spotted Woodpecker descended onto the nuts hung high in the cotoneaster tree ….until a rather territorial magpie saw him off !...even the fox peeked in to take a look once I packed up.

Kaush a friend and former colleague of caddyman and I called on Sunday – it was great to catch up, he’s working hard and planning as always and planning a holiday to Toronto now that his Green Cards have come through, and if I can find enough money for an airfare, might pop over to see him and his family for a few days in late June…. Anyone want to buy a kidney ?

Unfortunately what with it being a bank holiday weekend….the weather was bound to take a major turn for the worse and Monday was a complete wipe-out with torrential rain and very strong winds.

I sat around for a bit on Monday morning in my PJs watching DVD bonus features…then realising I wasn’t going to be able to do any gardening, headed off to the gym - I wanted to go for a swim as well as my usual work out, but the pool closed at 12 noon and the gym was only open until 2:30 so I did about 1hr 45 mins training and returned home, where I spent the rest of the day tidying, cleaning and staring outside at the abysmal weather…..

And now I’m back at work….I would rather be at home staring out at the abysmal weather…..
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