fencingsculptor (fencingsculptor) wrote,

A-Ha Mi Hearties !

Today the final batch of last weeks Amazon order showed up and I am currently listening to the title theme from Pirates of the Caribbean 'He's a Pirate'

A-Ha Mi Hearties !

Very good it is too. As they arrived at work I have been able to rip 'em and download them to my MP3 player ! Result !

I am surprised to discover that the main theme which I assocaite with the Soundtrack was actually composed by Klaus Badelt not Hans Zimmer.

I shall give 'em a proper listen tonight.

Also arrived today was the Bourne Ultimatum ! so I have all three fims and all three soundtracks. *sigh* not that I'm an anal completeist you understand but that's a big worry off my back !

Yesterday the 2 disc version of 2001: A Space Odessey arrived exceptional value at £6.49 along with the Ultimate Close Encounters of the Third Kind Boxset, containing documentaries and all three cinematic versions of the film, packaged in a beautiful box with softback book and film poster INSANELY good value also at £6.48

I are well pleased I is !
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