October 20th, 2009


Fuzzy Logic....

I didn't really achieve very much at work yesterday and on balance probably won't achieve a great deal today. I mean it's quite unlikely that there'll be any more eco-towns by close of play tonight than there were say...last week. Under these circumstances if being at work isn't going to make any difference , they don't actually need me in the office do they?...
and I could just stay under this duvet....

Could someone pass me a warm PBG ?

Thanks awfully.

Bloody Nasty People

I try to avoid the populist media when ever I can because whenever I do happen to look at it I am confronted by the thoroughly revolting likes of Jordon, or Lilly Allen or Mika banging on about how they’re really misunderstood and that if I only buy their book/record/scent/used brain cell and took the time to appreciate them I’d realise that they were just normal just like me .

I bloody well hope not.

Normal yeah right because everyone in my neighbourhood wanders around with 25kg of silicone in each breast and drive a Pink Pony Wagon and has the intellectual capacity of a cracked house brick.

Well that last bit’s true actually, but I digress.

No, I loathe all that reality crap and do my very utmost to avoid it all. Therefore it’s been annoying in the extreme, that for the last fortnight BBC Radio 4 has covered precious little else other than the appearance on Question time this week of Nazi fascist pin up Nick Griffin. And dearo me hasn’t Aunty got her knickers in a twist.

I can’t see what the problem is myself the BNP are such a thoroughly nasty insidious bunch of fcuking halfwits far from censoring them they should be given every opportunity to demonstrate what a vicious evil bunch of narrow minded petrified pitiable bullies they really are.

I was thrilled to hear that the European Courts have forced the BNP to overturn their ‘whites only’ membership policy – fantastic - it’s just a shame that every person of ethnic descent in Britain didn’t phone up the next day to join the party and ask for tickets to their annual conference.

There’s nothing I’d like to see more than every bald, fat, tattooed, mentally deficient, knuckle dragging England shirt wearing thugs, outnumbered 10 to 1 by hardworking sweet 70 year old sari wearing Indian Grandmothers telling the BNP hierarchy that the could solve Englands chavtastic unemployment problems by employing Happy Slappy Hoodies to work for 13 hours a day in their corner shops for the minimum wage. It would make a change from having the yoof engaging in their usual occupation of hanging around outside the corner shops sharing spliffs and a SPARs own brand larger, generally cluttering up the place claiming benefits and farting out grasping little fatherless brats by the dozen.

My main fear is that when these hoofing arsewits are given their 15 minutes of fame the show will be hijacked by toffee-nosed middle class liberals from Hampstead and Chelsea banging on about how they don’t want their the minds of their darling offspring Rupert and Chlamydia to be polluted by such bigoted views being aired in the media. And that’s the point every one spends so much time jostling to prove that they have the moral high ground that the message gets lost and everyone decends to the same contemptible level.

Far more sensible would be let the arseweasels say their piece, then have the sane rational members of society smile witheringly, say “ah bless” and then move the debate on to the actual issues involved.
As for the BNP s tactic of trying to hijack the good name of Britain's military by suggesting that they somehow are the natural representatives of Britains ex Service men and women …fook right off !

If that’s the way they want to play I suggest we find out where every last ****ing one of the fascist bastards live and move a Ghurkha and his entire family in next door……