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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Easy Like Sunday Mooooo-ooooo-oo-oorning
Yawn. Is it 1:30 pm already !!!!

Had a very slow start today after a late night, last night.

I had a geat time up in Norf London at Bryan's 50'th bash, and got to meet a lot of the LJers who frequent his page. It was lovely to meet you all.

I couldn't work out why or how so many people knew me, until people started saying things like, "Ah I recognise you from your photo" (frankly more confusion on my part-where were they seeing my photos !?) and more specifically, "You're one of the few people who actually uses their own picture on thir Journal!". I'm a bit slow like that you see - but they were indeed right !

It was especilly good to meet Ming for the first time. Bryan has maintained for many years that were two such 'ubergeeks' brought together, it was likely that an anti-matter explosion would ensue. Since Barnett still exists (well it did at 2:00am) I think we can rule out the anti-matter explosion. Of course our meeting didn't preclude the opening of some sort of alternate reality pardox thingy....so if we've all woken up in a 'new' reality this morning, where a bunch of clowns run the country, we're in the worst recession for decades and for some bizzare reason Crystal Palace are no longer top of the Premiere league, then it's all Bryans fault for introducing me to Ming ok!

It was a lovely evening. Thanks guys


A wise man once said you an never have too many of these. I think he was right !!

The last few weeks at work have been quite stressfull, it's long it's boring and I shan't go into the details....suffice to say that I find myself more relaxed today than I have been for a long time (without the aid of a very large scotch!). The hunting and gathering has been done, all that remains is to tidy Chateaux Fencingsculptor and chill before all that horrid work stuff resumes tomorrow.

The thing I can't figure out though, is that yesterday I was sure that Chateaux FencingSculptor, was the embodiment of order and neatness - that it had an east wing (which housed my extensive film-prop collection, Action Figure and sculpture museum and a small army of servants and lackies who cooked cleaned and generally kept me in the Utopian manner to which I have become accustomed.

This morning the Chateaux more closely resembles a 2 up 2 down semi which looks like a bomb has gone off in it, and most disappointingly I can't find Audrey Tautou anywhere !!!.... now what could have caused that I wonder !!!!!

Oh and another thing....
...before I disappear to try and do some tidying up (I think it might be a minth since I last really tidied!!!) .

Since I have been stressed out of my eyeballs for the last few weeks I hadn't go round to listening to Telemiester's CD which he gave me when we met up at Euston last month - well yesterday I listened to it a couple of times through on the drive up to Bryan's....excellent stuff sir...! I am really very very impressed. Hugely so - It sounded really good, very professional and you have a fine bluesey voice ! Feel free to point me towards any new material in future!!