January 23rd, 2009


We have lift off......eventually.

Those of you who read my post USA bog entry about my visit to the
Kennedy Space Centre may recall a picture of the heavy lift Delta launch pad which is very much active. Framed between two Saturn V exhaust deflector vanes was the modern launch complex where you could clearly make out the orange booster rockets of a secret Department of Defense Military rocket which was scheduled to carry a military payload into orbit last year....

After a bit of a delay, it appears to have launched !


Serious Crash....

There has been a serious incident in the street outside Chateaux Fencingsculptor.

About an hour and a half ago I heard a screech and a crunch - I had a nosey neighbour look out the window but couldn't see anything, so stuck my head out the front door - still nothing obvious.

As I was engrossed on the computert with the TV on I thought nothing more of it - until about a couple of minutes later when I heard multiple sirens blaring and blue lights flashing.

I'm not clear exactly what has happened yet but I suspect a car traveling towards the mini roundabout has lost control and collided with god knows what or whom.

I walked out onto the street but since there were two fire engines at least two ambulances and assorted police cars and vans I decided to return inside - I had no intention of seeing what or whom had become a dark stain on th side of the road.

I took a discrete picture from the studio window.


This is the tail-end of the incident. The wreck itself is just out of view around the bend in the road along with other emergency services.

I guess if the pre-requisite flowers and yellow sign appear it'll be clearer what happened.

This neighbourhood it littered with the sites of fatal car crashes marked in that manner.