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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

First a nice big bail out for the banks using vast wads of FencingSculptors ‘hard-earned’.

Mean while rest of world looks at GB Ltd and decided "blimey they're not really worth a punt any more are they!". Whereupon value of the pound plummets against EVERYTHING, including pocket-fluff and tree-leaves of all varieties (the value of grains of sand hold their value).

With confidence at an all time low, the huge initial bail out has lost it's value against grown up currencies and the pretend ones alike (the Emu or Euro or whatever)so UK banks biffs up to HMGs front door again, bowl in hand saying, "Please sir can I have some more - on account of the value of the first lot being diminished in terms of international value because of the collapse of your currency value".

HMG pauses for a moment to consider the irony of being the cause of its own coffers depreciating by saving the businesses that gambled all their own (by that I mean ours)..away....

HMG replies "ah ya careless young scamp ! What'll we do with you eh ? *sigh*, Here's a shiny new £12bn piece for you, now you run along and play with the other kids - don't waste it mind - and don't invest it gambling on those pretend deals where you buy debt in the hope that the debtors will pay you back ! You must do honest banking with it by lend it to the other banks to they can lend it to the man in the street, and those who are aleready riddled with debt and don't have jobs, who'll default on their loans...meaning that you won't be able to pay me back which means....... OI COME BACK HERE YA LITTLE TINKER !!!!! "

Economics.........It's not really working is it ?