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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Sooooo Profound
I have juust had occaision to write the following:

"Further to our meeting yesterday afternoon, please find attached the details of the batch of TOs that I dealt with before Christmas"

Profound statement that ! Fellow Civil Servants will know what I mean....

Sorry, you want me to do what ?!
I am a bear of little brain.
I like things to be explained properly, then I can act on those instructions accordingly.

This evening as I made my way home from the Hospital I was confronted by a Charity Mugger (Chugger) a jacket emblazoned with the slogan "Fight Disabilism".

Now I must have glanced at the offending word for several miliseconds longer than I should have as she clocked me. I foolishly made the mistake of adjusting my earpiece as I walked past her and this was taken as an 'in'.....

Fortunately in a momenet of rare quick-thinking from your hero i looked a her jacket and said "How should I fight Disabilism ? You mean give it just enough of a kicking to put it in hospital but not into a wheelchair...sorry can't stop that's my Bus"

I'm not sure what confused her more my statement or the fact tht we were in a pedastrianised street.

Leave'em confounded on multiple layers, that's my tactic !

NB: Thank goodness for Radio Controlled Monkey's. People in the know will understand...