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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Writer's Block: Doctor Who?
26-year-old actor Matt Smith was anointed as the eleventh Doctor Who this week. If you were in charge of casting, who would you cast as your ideal Doctor and why?

I think Matt Smith is an excellent choice for the 11th Doctor Who and I would have happily picked him......Additionally though I'd have posted myself to assist the FX team and done everything I could to prevent Lilly Allen being touted as the next companion.....sheeesh !

Self Conscious, but not caring......much.
I was rather excited to have finally found enough information about, and identified the fedora type to go with the rest of my Indy gear.

It seems that the lid used in Raiders is universally agreed as being 'the Poet' fedora by Herbert Johnson.

These exact hats are now made by Christy's and sold here in olde London Towne by http://www.hornetshats.com/

The Hat I'll get will be a fur felt - the Adventurer - which is a wide brim open crown Fedora style hat - so I'll have to do 'the bash' myself, but there are some good internet forums which host tutorials. The hat is £50 so not cheap but not that expensive either - especially when you consider that Herbert Johnson is still selling the exact same hat for £190 !!!!


Hornets Hats are based up at High Street Kensington so I may pop up there on Friday and pick one up as a belated Birthday present. All I will then have to do is find a shelf, or bit of wall at home on which to mount the Hat, the Bull Whip, WWI Webley Gun Holster and WWII Satchel/gas mask Haversack.

I've been after a hat for just over a year to go with my jacket, however my folks have made me rather self conscious buy saying I'm playing dressey-up everytime they see me in either of my leather jackets. This makes me terribly self concious - It's not as if I will wear the full costume ever, other than if I do indeed go to a facny dress party (and I've not been to one yet) but I like wearing a jacket or piece of apparel that relates to a film or TV show , but which is subtle enough not to be noticed by the great unwashed......