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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Je suis très chaud !
It was about -6/-8c this morning, and I felt I needed to something a little more substantial than my battered old mac, so I instead I wore my custom made PHD (Peter Hutchinson Designs) Mustagh down jacket which I had made for my winter 2006 trip to everest base Camp.

Might have over done it a bit because I was actually sweating when I got in to work this morning !!

I checked the specs and recalled that it designed to operate in a 'typical' temp of -25c.......

Won't be needing the three layered gloves yet then......

PS: Rather curiously they've listed my one-line review of the jacket under that of Rich MacLaughlin, Royal Air Force, 820 Naval Air Squadron...... which is a bit random....However I feel I'm in good company.

Orange Fudge ?
Just had a Cadbury's chocolate from the tin here in the office.

It was Orange Fudge.

As flavours go it was just wrong.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas .......
So that's it for another year.

Christmas is over.

I'm always a bit sad when Christmas is over - I really really enjoy it - but the tree is dissassembled and packed away along with the lights and th ine cones and baubles. The cards have been taken down and sorted into the one's to be kept for prosperity and the ones tha will be recycled.

It was a great Christmas this year. I would never have gueesed what 2008 held this time last year - still one thing is for sure, next Christmas I'll be an Uncle.... that's going to take some getting used too !

Still two days back at work and it feels like Christmas is over....