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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...
Bloomin' typical isn't it.

Back to work on the day that it snow's !!!!

Had this happened last week I'd have been able to go out for a long walk and take my camera with me. As it is I suspect this mornings journey to work will be wretched !

Snow 3

Snow 2

Snow 1

Only snaps....but very pretty.

I'm sure Telemeister will be amused to learn that this 'snow fall' (AKA a slight dusting) has triggered weather warnings and multiple transport delays and warnings......and the temperature has risen from -5c to 0c. The weather men and women are all very excited !

Unlike Telemeister I won't need a snow plough to clear the drive....I could probably clear it with a dustpan and brush....Marvel at the snow drifts measuring 2 centimeters deep ! and ensuing travel chaos !!!!

I'm tired and I want to go home......
It's all those nights staying up until 1:30 or 2 am playing Xbox360 or watching re runs of the IT crowd or Red Dwarf - they've caught up with me.

Okay it’s 11:17am and I’m counting down the minutes to home-time.

I know I’m going to regret saying this, but I have nothing of any consequence to do unt I am a bit bored… I suspect this may change after a catch up with my line-manager at noon.

Only one person has confirmed that they’ll be attending Fencing classes tonight. I suspect I’ll be lucky if two or three show up, but I’ll still have to run the class.

Ho hum.

I may go out for a jog round St James’ park at lunch time…..

Even though I have snapped my ankles (again) I’ve brought in my cross-country gear….

I are with Headache
I have a headache, and more worryingly am sooooooo tired that my eye-lids weigh about 5 Kilos each. I am really struggling to stay awake.

I sit next to two senior Grade 6(one of which is my Line manager) and opposite my Grade 5....

If I suddenly collapse, snoring and dribbling into my Keyboard it will not look good !

I fell asleep playing Assassin's Creed last week. For various tracts of the game you ride a horse through the rolling countryside of the Holy Land in 1190....the combination of cosy room, gentle clip-clopping hove falls, and really quite spectacular senery I just nodded off......

....The next thing I know was that I'd trodden on a Templar Knight who became quite...well...miffed.....and tried to hit me with his sword.....

Which reminds me I really don't want to go fencing tonight.... curse the three students who want to fight on....more importantly curse all the regualars who've dropped out.....

Must stay awake for another 30 minutes.....

(no subject)
HMV has just sent me an E-mail:

"Dear Paul,

Lady Gaga is hotly tipped for a UK breakthrough in 2009 and already a pop sensation around the world. She has been described as the "visual identity of David Bowie with a punk attitude and a sprinkling of pop magic dust". Pre-order now and receive the album in a hmv exclusive slipcase.

Lady Gaga
The Fame

Right let's get one thing straight HMV, painting a sodding lighting Bolt on one's cheek does not make one "rock and roll" and further more I bet she's not even got the musical talent of the GREAT/LEGEND David Bowie's toe nail cuttings.....

So ....HMV.... say you're sorry ......

I'm waiting....