December 31st, 2008


Did th Earth Move for You

I was woken at 5:39am this morning by what felt like the whole house vibrating.

It felt like a minor earth tremor. I've been in a couple of tremors before , once in Cyprus, once in here in England and once in the Himalaias.

This morning's tremor probably lasted a couple of second, even though it seemed longer, but certainly whatever it actually was lasted long enought to wake and and for me to res=gister what it was..most odd.

Having got up a few minutes ago I was expecting to see/hear on the BBC about the tremor but there's asolutely no mention of a tremor anywhere...just me then.

Very Strange....

(Oh and before you suggest it it had nothing to do with my previous posts...)

New Years Eve

So last day of 2008, New Years Eve.

I don't feel particularly celebratory it has to be said.

I have no firm plans for today, and this may well be the first New Year I just spend quietly curled up in the arm chair with a good book and a glass of wine/beer. Antony and Sarah are working tomorrow (well I know Antony is), and the old folks haven't said anything. I spoke to Sharon the day before yesterday but she didn't have any plans either, not sure whether she has any now.

I guess I'll work out what I'm doing later on.

I see the EVERY medal winner from the UK team at last summer's Olympics has featured in the New Years Honour list as has Lewis Hamilton.

This does irritate me. I used to prepare the Honours lists for my policy area in the Department where I work. I was very good at it and had the highest success rate for successful nominations within the Department. I took the job very seriously and made sure that it was done absolutely by the book ...well guidance notes. The criteria that need to be met for Joe Public are very specific and the higher the honour the more demanding, specific and far reaching the standards.

It's painfully clear though that the same standard don't apply to celebrities or senior Government bods. I believe they've even knighted the Treasury Official who developed the billion pound bail out strategy for the banks. Why I have no idea - it's far too soon to see whether the strategy was sound...and in the face of universal condemnation for European Treasuries and even with my own rudimentary understanding of economics, I doubt it. The move seemed....I don't know....a pile of old bollox.

The system just doesn't seem to work anymore. Which is very irritating as if run properly , transparently and fairly it could do so much good. I am glad that Terry Pratchett was knighted for his contribution to writing.

I don't do New Year’s resolutions, but I will make a point of reading significantly more of his books this year!

I suppose that was is a New Year resolution wasn't it... doh !

I'm off for a quick shower and then I'm popping up to London. There's something I saw in the Cinema Store which I want to treat myself too.....

Writer's Block: Beyond Our Ken

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you've probably experienced something that you couldn't explain. What was it?
One winters night while out star watching I observed a high altitude object traveling at the same speed as a satallite perform a 90 degree course change. There was no turning arc, or change in velocity this thing appeared as it exited the earth's shadow (proving it was ultra high altitude) maintaining a constant speed and course and then simply turned 90 degrees from it's original course and disappeared below the skyline. Very odd.

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the the Right, Here I am Stuck in the Middle....

Well I am having a New Year's eve in.

I'd like to say a 'quiet' New Year's in, but the Jokers of neighbours to the right of me (the ones that crashed into my fence and tried to claim it wasn't them even though I saw them do it - and still repeatedly block my drive) are having a BBQ and Party out the back.....yep +1 degree Celsius...middle of winter, the middle of the night and they're having an open air BBQ ...and much noise.....

I wish them, and all their guests Phnumonia and the consumption for the New Year...

And the Clowns over the road (the one's that have the Police turn up every two weeks) have thumping House music emanating from their loving abode.

I wish them permanent deafness, tintinitus and a fecking long conviction that actually sticks....the sooner the better. Or a severe bout of Police brutality - preferably involving tazers and nether regions.

To all of my friends I wish you all a safe, peaceful, prosperous New Year with Loved ones, friends and family the very best of times, and for those who are having tough times, I hope that 2009 holds better happier times.

Sláinte and God bless.

Now those others could just shut the .... up.....