December 30th, 2008


Ouch !

I was very pleased with myself after yesterday's cross country run, but I woke this morning to find that my ankles don't want to work.


Bloody bloody tendonitis.

It other news there has been such a heavy frost it looks as though it has been snowing outside ! I'd go outside and take some pictures, but the birds are out in force feeding on seed, fat balls, suet blocks and peanuts. After a few weeks with very few birds, this morning at one point I had:
Blye Tits,
Collared Doves,
and 3 Redwing !!!

I'm not sure where my lil Robin has gone.

It's Christmas he should be on duty all day long !!!!!!

uTorrent, But I don't...

This is driving me nuts !

I have uTorrent 1.7.7

I search Mininova or ThePiratebay.

I download the torrent file.

But when I use uTorrent to open and start downloading the file it starts but fails within minutes or when the download reaches 0.1% complete.


I don't get it.

On either level !