December 29th, 2008


Off Roading .....

Right after more crisps and nibbles and bad food than I care to admit I have decided to go for a cross country run.....

Now if I can just find my cross country shoes rather than my rather sought after Ascis shoes....

Well that wasn't a very productive day....

Well I didn't really achieve very much today apart from an average distance cross country run of about 4 to 5 miles.

I can never seem to do things by halves so a Army-fitness test distance if 1.5 miles just wasn't going to cut it. Instead I did a full 50 minute-1 hour run with added mud and hill-ness.

I was actually quite pleased with my performance it's the first proper run I have done since my ankle op in the summer.

The old pins held up ok, but the uppy-hill-ness may not have been the most sensible thing to do on their first outing....but in my defence living on the top of a hill and going for a run more then 200 yards is going to result in not unsurprising up-hill-ness !!!!!

Anyhoo after a stretch down, an ankle massage, and a soaking in hot water the ankles are ok-ish. I'll give 'em another run out tomorrow and some gym work on Wednesday and then see how they are holding out.

My CO wants to reasses me ahead of CMSR in early January so I haven't long to get very fit !

Other than a bit f training I did some housework, tried again, unsuccessfully o get to grips with bit torrenting, and watched a few re-runs of Red Dwarf.

Smegging excellent.

Book and bed now.

Signing out....