December 23rd, 2008


Cor Blimey....

Cor Blimey....there's....there's a whole inter web out thar !

I have beensaving my pennies hard over the last few months and I have !

At the weekend I bought an XBox360 from Game. I purchased one of their Xbox 360 Bundles so got the middle spec 60gig Console, two wireless hand sets, and 3 games. Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Farcry 2.

I've discovered I'm rubbish at computer games ! Thuh ! ...and need much practice!!!

Then last night I finally succumbed and bought a laptop from PC World - I was convinced I would get an Advent 6411 or 6441, but when I spent Sunday at a Kaush's he convinced me to spend an extra few quid and get a slightly higher spec PC. So as of last night I am the owner of an Acer 7730 !!!!!
The secs are good. 17" screen, 4gig ram, 160 gb HDD and very fast processor.

The third and final piece if the tech upgrades arrived this morning when the postman called at Chateaux Fencingsculptor with a box containing a shiny Broadband Hub and Handset.

This is the first post I'v made on broadband from the comfort f my living room, while watching Doctor Who , Appariions and Heroes on the I player !!!!!!


Only problem is I can't seem to play DVDs on the laptop - it won't recognise any DVDs at the moment - it cliams to be region free ! and is asking me to select a region. No I believe that it is possible to fix PCs with software patches to enable you to play any DVD - but I don't know how to do this on this PC...... I shall have to wait until I find someone who knows what they are doing !.....

In the meantime.....where shall I go now.......Somewhere with cheats for Gear of War I think !!!!!