December 16th, 2008


Keep the Noise Down

I haven't posted for the last few days because things have been v hectic.

Friday evening was the Second of two fencing Christmas events.
But this was a meet and drink rather than a meal or food. The evening started at the sports club but a couple of ou members lured us back to the Darts Bar in the basement of the building in which I work, with the promise of very very very cheap drink.

This it was to transpire was a very very very bad thing.

I left at about 10 ish having had far too much to drink. I was not a well chap.

Saturday was spent in slow motion trying to work out who was messing with gravity and pleeding at the invisible cave troll to stop hitting me on the head.

I am in no hurry to repeat this experience.

Apparently the evening was legend.....

If this is the case I was one of the zombies.....