December 10th, 2008


Oh that's interesting......

Try this and then post your reaction..

1)Open the start menu
2)Then select the "Run" option
3)Then cut and past the followingtext in the dialogue box:telnet
4) Why not inform your local IT nerd and bask in their nerdy excitment.

Cheer up Sleepy Jean....Oh What can it Mean

I’m in a bad mood today.

I didn’t leave work until just after 7 pm last night.

I got home at about 8:15.

Threw together a hastily prepared meal of quiche and rice and flollopped down pi$$ed offly on the sofa to shovel the food down my gob while watching a kack episode of Voyager. Which was further spoiled by Jerry Ryan being out of her catsuit uniform.

Still I consoled myself with the knowledge that Survivors was on which I have been following with mild interest.

However Sharon phoned and we talked from about 8:50 until about 9:45.

Unfortunately we were both miserable about different things and on several occasions agreed argumentatively with each other. She has a self confessed stroppy side - I don’t ! Don't get me wrong, I like a good moan, but I don’t like to argue with anyone and when she said “I’m not arguing about it” I got quite narked as I was in fact agreeing with her 100% (thuh) - this caused me to become distracted and irritable thought I did my very best not to let it show in our conversation but I’m not sure how successful I was. We are VERY good friends and I care for her VERY much, but as we were talking about her plans in the lead up to Christmas she made it clear that she had lots on and seemed to be suggesting that we might not see each other before Christmas…. I’d be very disappointed if this were the case as I (as always ) would go out of my way to try and spend time with her. This kind of irritated me. She then said that she’d been to my building during the day to meet the team in her new job, but she hadn’t tried to contact me, this kind of hurt on top of the irritation as it was the second time that she has done this in the last couple of weeks. We ended the conversation in a fairly neutral way…. But I was left feeling quite unhappy.

I checked my e-mails and crawled into a stone cold bed at about 10:30 and fell asleep quite quickly once my little pocket of the duvet warmed up, but with the window open I awoke shivering on a couple of occasions but was too tired to do anything about it.

I woke up grumpy and despite trying to bloody well cheer up, but this two pages of briefing about something I know feck all about is not contributing to the lightening of my mood……..

Still I understand that Bear Grylls has suffered a compound fracture of one of his there is still something to laugh at.....

Fecking Karma Pixies

Well I have to say I am having a quite spectacularly rubbish day today.

If there are any other Karma Pixies queuing up to do their thang could I respectfully ask them to sod-off and pick on someone else as I have had enough and don't want to play any more.

Forbidden Planet had sold out of both the books that I wanted a mildly risque one featuring the sort of 1940s-1950's stylee pin up, and a eyewateringly beautiful coffee table art book featuring some sumptious conceptual artwork done for the film Iron Man.

They were also selling autographed copies of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen Graphic Novels. £11.79 for trade Paper backs and £22.79 for hardback signed by Dave Gibbons. I was sorely tempted but couldn't justify the purtchase until I've bought all my Christmas prezzies.....

Grief isn't it home time yet....