December 8th, 2008


Which Console ?

I have made headway into the Christmas shoppingover the weekend with the purchase od bits and pieces. These are best classified as the little nick-nacks that accompany main presents , so pink sparkly stuff for my sis in law, small luxury crackers containing silver charms (a bargain at £6) from the Pier (which incidently appears to be in trouble with both the Croydon and Bromley stores closing down).

While I was wondering round the stores I also made a mental note of the deals for XBox 360 bundles.

I need a new PC and I have been contemplating a games console for a long time now.

I think the xbox360 looks good.... and £200 should buy me a console, a couple of wireless controllers and a bundle of games.

So this Christams I can either work on my fitness going for lots of rns and spending time in the gym, or I can play combat sims...... in the warm with mince pies......

Tough choice.

The Shepard's prayer

I am finding that I am having to invoke the Shephard's prayer quite frequently. That's Al Shephard's prayer, for those of you aquainted with their 'real-space' history.

"Please, dear God, don't let me **** up."

Thing is it just feels like sooner or later....