December 4th, 2008


Who's a little Stress Pixie ?

That'd be me.

I was so stressed this morning that lots of the tiny blood vessels in my eyes had burst and the whites of my eyes were more red than white.

Last time THAT happened I was 30+ meters below the ocean surface, decending to a wrecked ship, in a storm, as evening was drawing in, without a torch, with a malfucntioning BCD, with a gash on the back of my head where a boat had hit me, while running out of oxygen and with a shark swimming by. (I was blissfully unware of the shark at the time as I was busy worrying about all the other stuff - and was rather preoccupied with doing an impression of a POLARIS ICB as I executed an emergency ascent. Had I been aware of the shark on top of all this - frankly I'd have given up - honestly !)

Well this morning there was a distinct lack of Sharks, faulty diving equipment and wrecked ships - but there were wrecked nerves a plenty.

Nothing insurmountable but the gradual atrittion of dozens of things just got on top of me and while I try to shrug 'em all off I think my anatomy has begun to pull rank.

The Satan eyes subsided by the time I got to work, after I'd doused them liberally in optrex.

I have conciously spent the morning trying to calm myself down by telling me that none of it really matters.

I just want to hae my work signined off so I can submitt it so that I can go home and either a) soak in the bath with a bottle of wine b) hide under the duvet with a bucket of Hot chocolate and a book/MP3Player/Audrey Tautou.

Is it 4:30 yet ?

I am not an Idiot. You didn't explain it properly.

I can only brief accurately effectively on 'a thing' if I know fully what that thing is.

If it turns out there's this whole other thing which has a bearing on my thing, but you didn't explain it that's your problem not mine.

I'm not an idiot but you have successfully made me look like one and sent me an e-mail just to make sure I realised it. Thanks so much for that.

And thanks for making me late in the process. All I wanted to do wasgo shopping tonight - sure it wasn't not as important as your plans - but I just wanted to go to FP and maybe treat myself, but it's alright I've only done a 9 hour day instead of a 7:12 one. Thanks all round.

I think 'pissed off squared' about covers it.