December 2nd, 2008


Eye Eye !

Mum goes into hospital today for the first of two cateract operations.

These days such an op is considered minor day surgery. But it doesn't stop me worrying for her.

Surgery the thought of or indeed sight of it doesn't bother me in the slightest. With the utter exception of eye ops, which make me ever so squeemish. Eyes and eyesight are so precious and the thought of scalpels on eye balls........ jelly.....

Ewwwwwwww just the thought of it !!!!

I'll be a lot happier once it's over and I've seen her tonight post op!

*Rant on*

Ladies and Gentlemen....

May I present the reason why this nation is heading down the toilet...

"give me a job then and I'll work, and then they won't have to pay me."


You see if we keep 'rewarding' oxygen thieving scum for sitting on their arses and actaully paying them to pop out equally pointless chav-bratlets for a hobby they just continue to do it..........

Get off your worthless arse mandam and FIND your own job and support yourself.

I'd solve this problem overnight by going to the third world and finding one human, any human, who'd like to swap their lives for this person's. (and I use the term in it's loosest possible terms).

Then Elizabeth Malcolm, 43, has never had a job could 'fcuk right off' to Shiteholestahn or where-ever and see how long she survives under that social structure.

I are SOOOOOOOOOO cross.