November 26th, 2008



I watched part 2 of Survivors last night.

It is indeed heartening to note, that should civilisation be brought to it’s knees any time soon, the majority of female survivors will be absolute hotties with a predilection for wandering around in their panties and wearing tight tops.

As REM once sang, “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…and I feel Fine !”

*Geek On* Gort, Keanu, Barada, Nikto

I finally remembered my wallet today (haing forgotten it on Monday and Tuesday), and set out for a pleasant Lunchtime trip up to the West End with caddyman .

We had planned to TAB back through St Jams' park but our failure to find and make use of a wormhole in the space-time continuum meant that compressing a swift visit to The Cinema Store and Forbidden Planet proved impossible into a Lunch hour (That's a Civil Service Lunch hour which measures one and a quarter of your earth hours)....well that and Bry's dodgey knee. (I meant to say try gloucosamine from Holland and Barratt's!)

It was a successful trip from my perspective, as I have now completed my collection of NECA Nightmare Before Christmas Figures . On Saturday during a work trip to Leicester I managed to pick up series 6 that was released in Summer/Autumn 2007. I was lucky to do this as the line has subsequently been very hard to track down. A few weeks ago I noticed some of the box set on sale in the West End and today I picked up two discounted box sets from the Cinema Store (Jack and Sally in the Spiral Hill & and Jacks Santa sled). The Nightmare before Christmas has been one of, if not my favorite animated film since it's release 15 years ago ! Subsequently it seems to have become iconic among 'the yoof' especially girls. So it probably seems odd that a 37 year old bloke should like it so much.

Well I jolly well saw it before the rest of 'em so ner ! ....and it was widely regarded as one of the best figure ranges ever. Now that I have a complete set I am considering making a wall mounted cabinet for them.

After leaving the Cinema store we headed up to FP where we both split up temporarily and carried out our own Geek Recon of the sotre. I couldn't find any figures I wanted but did find a Taschen art book of pin ups by Gil Elvgren.

The paintings were very similar to those you'd find on the nose of WWII B17 bombers and the like, but they would also make great subjects for garage kits. Having found thwe same book for under a fiver on Amazon I may order it after payday and do some sculpting over Christmas.

Last but not least I picked up this months SFX. Unfortuantelty I have not been able to read it yet....but there is a thumping big review of the forthcoming Watchmen movie and also a piece on the re-imagining of The Day the Earth Stood still.

I'm pretty bloody sure that film, brilliant and perfect as it is, didn't need reimagining all......

Still I'm interested to note whether the article consists of lots of glossy pictures and the Journalist's single line review, "It's Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!"......