November 14th, 2008


And I’ll tell you another thing !.......

Diversity. BBC Breakfast and Today were both headlining the news that there are insufficient Muslim officer in the Police Force, during a week when my old directorate asked me to complete a questionnaire setting out how I felt I promoted diversity in my department.

Newsflash. I don’t, nor do I feel I should. Bottom line is in the 21st Century people should be given jobs based on merit irrespective or their colour creed or sexual orientation. END of ! It’s not a difficult fcuking concept is it. Ensure the mechanisms are in place to prevent DISCRIMINATION, or bigoted tw@ats from permitting discrimination and then, LEAVE THINGS ALONE – walk away and let people find their own place in their private /professional life. As long as anyone in society feels able to pursue their life choices in full freedom - ‘ethical’ balance will prevail and everyone will be happy. But set quotas of black/yellow/happy/miserable/Christian/Atheist/ Muslim/ left-handed/vegetarian/ homosexuals that MUST be put in particular roles and it all goes horribly wrong !

I don’t care whether the police van that arrives on the scene of an act of vandalism/assault, contains a police force that mirrors the exact social, racial and sexual, microcosm-breakdown of my local community.

I simply want Plod to turn up in force and to slap the middle-class-hoodie-wearing-white-chav-scum that’s vandalising the bus stop or attacking passengers from one side of the street to the other. And to stamp on their throats and fookin Ipods / Mobiles for good measure.

Depression & G20 Gordon, mate, listen up. You can't go and tell a global gathering of world leaders to 'sort their lives out' when last week UK plc was going under because of massive inflation, this week it's going under because of massive deflation, and next week it's going under because the Depressing-Giant-Scary-Money-Pixies are going to get us !
You are presenting the image of a man who knows not what the **** he's doing.
Granted you're doing it very well !
And contrary to media speculation we are not suffering economic conditions like the great depression of the 1930's. Crops haven't failed, there is no dust bowl, people are not dying in the streets of starvation, Men and women are not yet dressed in rags and queuing around the blocks for governemtn aid (thought given unemployment figures - that might hapen around about next year!) Marks and Spencer have simply said "phew" and announced a 2nd quarter downturn in profits. Would be nice if you could just see your way to stop fannying around for a few minutes and just crack on with getting your own house in order first. (Helpful hint for free - don't have Yvette Cooper in the Treasury!)

And by the way; "Har-di-har-di-HA-ha-ha" re your new-best-mate-almost-in-the- White-House. He wants you to send more if us to Afghanistan not less. You obviously weren't listening, we all heard the pre-election rambling but you were obviously just wrapped up in the whole diversity aspects of the election.

PS I hear he has a lovely leash foryou. Only one previous owner. You have to beg for it though..beg Gordo..come on Beg for it…good boy….*tickles tum*

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing and murder of 270 innocent people wants to be let out of jail because he has cancer and is going to die.
Cry me a bloody river !
I've tried to embrace my Christian values of forgiveness here, but the only answer I can seem to come up with since I genuinely no longer believe in capital punishment is something along the lines of "Fook right off!" and "I hope it hurts".

On second thoughts Mr Government/Justice system, please feel free to use some of my tax £s to provide him with appropriate pain relief, drugs or morphine, but still let him rot in jail for his crimes please. And tell his legal team who are convinced that they have a compelling case (it'd better not be funded by legal-aid MoFs!) to "Fook right off!" instead.

*and breath……………..*

Vote FencingSculptor Ladies and Gentlemen for a fair and accountable government....with added sword-age.

You know it makes sense.