November 13th, 2008


Oh Nuts !

And not those belonging to HRH The Prince of Wales' red squirrels either.

..." On another subject would it be possible for me to crash down at your's on the next Weds and Thursday nights for a couple of weeks - Chris's Mrs will be around and he asked me last night if I could make myself scarce on those day's. I said I would have a word with you.

Let me know how you are fixed

Albert "...

Deffine couple of weeks.
Bet it means months.

If I agree I'll feel put out. Espesh as I have restored the Studio to it's original purpose of art studio, and even done a bit more sculpting.
If I say no I'll feel guilty.



In a pleasant perambulation around the perimeter of St Jame's park and a long natter with Caddyman, I spotted 3 squirrels, one indeed guarding its nuts, one marching Sergeant (Regmt unknown) and a couple of puppies.

I miss running.