November 11th, 2008


Patronise me

one of my frequently visited interwebby sites is

It's a news group covering all things doctor who, and I particular like it for the spoilery and speculation sections and the merchandise sections.

Like most of the forums out there it's run by fans for fans, but unlike most forums it is frequented by reps from the sculpting and manufacturing companies (Design Works Windsor & Character Options respectively) and also by journos from the industry press.

The reps are seriously passionate about their license and provide a valuable and interesting insight into the industry - its what sets it apart from most forums. But recently these reps have distanced themselves from the forum making it less vibrant.

However the admin of the forum announced last week that during periods of high traffic the forum firewall would give priority to forum patrons (ie those members who’d shelled out £10 to subsidise the forum).

Problem is so far this week those of us who are ‘free’ members have found ourselves all but barred from the site.

I couldn’t get on between 8:10 and 11:00 am yesterday. There was a brief open period between 11:00 and :11:40 then nothing until I got home at 11:00 pm after fencing.

Grumble – I don’t want to shell out a tenner….but I want access….more grumble……

…And a whinge for good measure.

…While marvelling at the freeness of my LJ blog…

"You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you"

Ok, as if to prove the point that compulsive purchasing is rarely a good idea I have ended up with two somewhat disapointing soundtracks.

You can see where this is going can't you?

While I was in America I looked in vain for a cheap copy of the Casino Royale soundtrack featuring Chris Cornell's single You Know my name, but without luck.

In the shops the Casino Royale OST seems to be between £12 and £16 to pricey for my tastes. Last friday though having counted up and bagged £42 of loose change (1p,2p 5p and 10p coins - it all adds up you know!) I decided to order the soundtracks from play as my November treat.

I have a few of David Arnold's soundtracks from Stargate, and Independance Day both of which are very good scores indeed and really complement the movies. I also loved the scores he penned for the Brosnan Bond films but never picked them up (even though I have the Title tracks by Sheryl Crow and Garbage), so I thought it was about time I added a couple of Bond albums to the sountrack collection and ordered Casion Royal and Quantum of Solace.

They were waiting for me on the mat when I got home from fencing last night.

Now I didn't get home until after 11pm last night so briefly skipped through the CDs but was pretty disapointed.

Casino Royale doesn't have the Chris Cornell single ! Duh ! Though the riffs on the melody of Cornells song are good and there is a pleasingly twangy version of the John Barry theme.

The Quantum of Solace OST was ordered before I saw the film. This OST does contain the Alica Keys title track (which is nowhere near as good as many previous Bond title themes0, consists primarily of sub-two pieces, none of which even incorporate the John Barry Bond theme. A Bond score without the theme...insane !

I couldn't rip the CDs to my MP3 player at home (ancient PC, currently on last elbows - legs went in 2002!!!) so I'll rip 'em here at work and see whether I can't find something on the discs to enjoy....

There's always one isn't there....

All but one of the colleagues in the large open plan area I inhabit observed the 2 Minute's silence.

The respectful silence was broken throughout by one ill mannered, socially mal-adjusted, egocentric f***wit of a Grade 7 who I have had the misfortune of working along side and advising regularly in my previous Better regulation role.

Not content with talking throughout on the phone, his conversation also warranted much laughter.

Still it's good to know that the ultimate sacrifice made by so many throughout history to ensure the preservation of an individuals right to be an utter, UTTER 'arse-for-brains', was observed by the majority of people .

I are no Understanding !

Arrrgghhh technology.

My MPS file has 400mb of space taken up by an invisable file or files unknown.....

It all happened after the PC/MP3 tried to synchronise somehing or other...

Help me Inter are my only hope......