November 10th, 2008


A Modicum of Assuagement

I finally got round to seeing Quantum of Solace on Saturday night with Sharon.

I enjoyed it but then I do seem to be particularly impressed by new Bond.
Hell I wasn’t even bothered by the title – made perfect sense to me on both levels !
Casino Royale (2006) was immediately my favourite Bond film despite the pace being broken up by the casino scenes which seemed to last forever!

I liked the lack of villains hiding out in volcanoes, the lack of smug rather dated quips and most of all the lack of space stations and invisible Aston Martins in this reimagined Bond Franchise.

So I was really looking forward to Quantum of Solace with high expectations!
I was a bit alarmed by the initial reviews of Q of S, and of the reviews from a few friends. All of whom found the lack of plot and constant running around a bit distracting.

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Through Autumn’s Golden Gown We used to Kick our Way…

Saturday was most definitely Golden Yellow and brown Day here in South East London on the borders of Kent and Surrey as the silver birches, beeches and Maples collectively shrugged off their leaves in preparation for their long cold grey damp spikey naked winter sleep.

We’ve had a very wet summer and I haven’t got out into the surrounding countryside nearly as much as I would have liked. However I’ve had some good woodland breaks this year. I witnessed Green Day, in the New Forrest with Sharon in late March/April as the leaves and new ferns emerged, Blue day in Jewel’s Wood in Kent, I saw the ferns turn Brown again in September a couple of weeks before I went to the US.

I had intended to spend Golden day (or its nearest weekend) in Jewel Wood mooching around, doing bush-crafty things, but I went over to Sharons in the early afternoon on Saturday to see Quantum of Solace, and I made myself horribly ill yesterday (peanut related gluttony) which combined with atrocious rain and strong winds (weather not the peanuts) meant that I didn’t get out yesterday.

I see others had the same idea and earlier I was admiring Bryan’s pictures of Autumn in North London, which seems remarkably more leafy than down ‘ere in the souf !

On my way into work today the bright green fields had a smattering of golden dust beneath very cold naked looking trees. So I think I’ve missed the best Golden day this year. I might pop out next Saturday but I doubt there will be much in the way of photography to be done.

In reference to the same song from War of the Worlds that one of Bryan’s posters mentioned there’ll be no kicking through piles of leaves for me this Autumn …..

To pick up on later lest I forget...

...because our system is behaving rather strangley this afternoon.
Other things that I have wanted to post about but have run out of time:

At last I have tracked down and obtained a Celeried 5th Doctor that I can afford to open !!!!!!

There is a distinct possibility of a Box Set of Classic Doctors emerging before Christmas. FANTASTIC. This is not confirmed yet but collectors have been warned that they will wet their pants (ewwwwww) on learning the nature of this Character Options Classic Dr Who Merchandise.

I did a bit more sculpting last night and bizarrely continue to be ‘pleased with progress’.

Remembrance Sunday and Beret Shaping. I do look like Frank Spencer – only more miserable.

I dropped a bottle of beer (Wychwood Osprey) Yesterday. Shocking waste !

I ate too many peanuts and made myself quite unwell. I can literally feel the elevated salt levels in my system.

Life’s Waiting room.

Robbing Paul to pay for Peter to rob Paul again: and Wider Economic observations….

Snatch Landrovers and the armour qualities of fibreglass…ie it isn’t