November 6th, 2008


New Shoe Day

Today is New Shoe day.

In the last couple of weeks my right foot has been getting progressively damper during our autumnal weather as a split in the sole of the shoe opened up. I called in at the M&S next to the building after searching a couple of other branches local to me. Oddly despite the reduced range of shoes and clothing I found a pair exactly the same as my last pair which have lasted a couple of years now. For some reason I seam to wear shoes hard, and only ever get a couple of years out of them. So this style at £39.99 are a real bargain !

In the past new shoe day was a painful experience.

Invariably the back of my foot above the heal would be reduced a painful, blistered and bleeding mess for several days/the better part of a week.

Not so with the last couple of pairs of Airflex shoes I've bought from M&S. Comfortable from the moment of wearing them, they haven't caused me any discomfort at all. ...well until they leaked !

So snug feet for the foreseeable future......well another 18 months or so....

Thats Intresting !

Oh intrest rates cut to a 53 year low eh ?


Now if the bank could just see it's way to passing that intrest rate ct on to me i should save a few notes on my mortgage each month.

It would the the decent thing to do Mr Banks.... you know what with the BILLIONS of of my Tax £s that Mr Government has bailed you out with....

Come on do the decent thing....

...Ya bastards !