November 5th, 2008


News from the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave…

Well what an historic morning !
But, in truth, if we are being honest with ourselves, the outcome was pretty much inevitable, wasn’t it ?

I guess what it shows us is that radical change is possible, as is the chance for renewed hope. Especially after a long period of decline in public popularity, unfavourable media coverage, chaotic, unfathomable decisions taken by one of the worlds most well known individuals, whose serious personal errors in judgment, indicated their irrational and frankly intellectually challenged rational.

So when I turned on the TV as I sat down for breakfast, I was actually a bit emotional and had a lump in my throat, at this momentous news and accompanying wave of euphoria and high hopes, when I saw that Britney Spears mad pop-princess was back in the charts with her new hit 'Womanizer' (cringes at spelling).

Good for her on her comeback! Don’t get me wrong I still can’t stand her plastic music and resent the fact that after only seeing a few seconds worth of her new single (enough to realise that I was on the wrong TV station for the US Presidential election coverage) “You’re a womaniser, You’re a womaniser You’re a womaniser” had seared itself into my half asleep and still impressionable sub-conscious…..

Anyhoo, after I had found BBC Breakfast it was indeed confirmed that Barrack Obama had won the presidential election with a staggering landslide. Good luck to him. He seems like a very sincere and decent human being, who has the capacity and now mandate to do great good. I hope he will. I also thought John McCain acknowledged his defeat with great dignity - even criticizing his supporters for booing when he conceded defeat.

In the meantime I wonder if Obama has got a leash for the new puppy that he's promised his daughters.

And I wonder if it will be a 'poodle' like the one Bush had...?

Orf With his Legs...well his ankles really

New Job very busy indeed (is that good) so not much time to waste sadly.

I was off much of yesterday afternoon for a hospital appointment with the Consultant surgeon who opperated on my ankle for an assessment of progress.

In short I start Physio next week- jumping to the top of the acute list. (I should add, with a very fit, and scarily direct/blunt speaking 30 something therapist ! Not girlie and cute like the one mentioned a couple of months back, but attractive in a mature striking way - and scary in the sense that she's a no nonsense sort of eats men for breakfast sort...! Nice bum though)

Bottom Line from the Surgeon (His words not mine):
"Mr Fencingsculptor I don't think we can do anything more to rectify your condition. However, we will proceed with an operation to decompress your right Achilles as when you're ready since it's improved your left ankle very slightly. Unfortunately it's unlikely that the pain/discomfort levels you are currently experiencing will reduce much from their current levels. But if you wish to retain your current mobility (i.e. still want to be able to walk) when you're 50 you may (should/are going to ) have to reconsider some of your lifestyle choices…

You should refrain from all training involving impact on your ankles for another 3 months until we see you in February……"

I'll get my coatthen, …and apparently a ****ing walking stick to go with it…..