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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

What a Fab Day out there !
What a wonderfully bright, crisp, autumn day it is out there !

Pity We're locked up in Government Towers.

Never say Never Ever. There's somthing in the air , something coming, a Storm's approaching...
I have just returned from TA and learned from Doctorwhoforum.com that David Tenant is to stand down at the end of Series 5 of Doctor Who !!!!!

I'm a bit sad and a bit happy - when he leaves he'll be one of the longest serving doctors hour for hour...and he's been fantastic.

But the stories in season three and especially season four where not as good as season's one and two. over use of the dalek nd some naff stories meant that they weren't quite as utterly awsome as their predecessors.

With Stephen Moffit Helming the show and with 10 leaving on a high..... I hope it's onwards and upwards for the show.

Now will come the months of endless speculation from the fans and press as to who is to replace him ......

Ben Kingsley anyone ?