October 28th, 2008


Meet Hugh...

Hugh Hefferlump…


On my return from the USA he was wandering around the front garden of Chateaux Fencingsculptor, having most likely escaped from the mitts of some snotty brattlet who happened to be passing.

I stuck him on top of the hedge but no-one claimed him and after a few days he was looking a bit grass stained /muddy…after he was thrown back into the garden by passing hoodies/locals…..

So at the weekend he was unceremoniously bunged in the the washing machine… from which he emerged looking far happier ! But now he needs a home.

I'm clearing out a load of stuff from the loft and will take it up to the charity shop….. Hugh can join the pile of Dr Who Videos and old comics….
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Sculpting Project - Progress to Date

What with lodgers and new jobs and TA and Holidays and stuff I have not done much work on the small sculpting project currently sitting on my work bench.

However I intend to crack on with this now and get it finished over the next two weeks.

The aim was to sculpt one of my favorite Baddies from the Classic Series Omega as seen in the stroy the Arc in Space. The figure is in scale with the officially licensed Classic Dr Who figures released by Character Options and while not being an action figure (no poseable limbs/joints) it should look good alongside the figures and is sculpted to refelect the same amount of detail as on the action figures.

Since my last post on this topic I have reshaped the carapice of the head/mask, bulked out the upper torso -and sculpted the arms down to the wrists.

I'm actually quite pleased with progress to date.

This is actually the first time I have sculpted fabric or clothing.

While far from perfect - it is in keeping with the style and level of details of action figures.


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For some inexplicable reason I I just don't seem to be arsed this week.....maybe it's coz my managers haven't processed my pay bonus....maybe it's because I'm left holding the fort (as usual) maybe its because I've only got 3 days left in this post....

I just don't quite care...

Not a jot...

Now can someone tell me if it's home time yet ?