October 27th, 2008


Oh my Goodness Gracious me !

Having returned once more from Kennedy Space Centre where I took about a bazillion pictures of Space hardware I have found my mind drifting to projects that I have wanted to do.

For a long time I have wanted to make a really super replica space suit - as close as possible to the real deal , but without the $25Million price tag

It a difficult task but the project is not without its precedents.

Global Effects a US based special effects house, pretty much cornered the market in spacesuit replicas and produced the best to date for productions like Ron Howard's Apollo 13, Tom Hank's From Earth to the Moon, Moonwalkers, Magnificent Desolation to name but a few of the real space productions they've supplied.

Around 8 years ago I started to do a large amount of research pulling together specialist books and 100s of photos, scale models and making touch with fellow space nuts , and plastic moulding companies.

Apart from the complex pattern of the suit the single most difficult elelment of the costume in the Bubble helmet the Pressure HelmetAssembly (PHA) and the outer 'gold' sun visor and clear internal visors assembly or Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly (LEVA).

Frankly the whole success of the project requires the successful completion of these. Ordinarily these componants cost $1000s to replicate - but that's because amatures and enthusiasts don't have my skills and moulding / fabrication knowledge !!!!

For a few years I was in touch with the guy who owns this site:

But his project seems to have stalled in 2001.

Since this time I've continued to potter but never excercised the project from my mind completely.

Now during a work based day dream I found this guys website.....and holy cow ....he's done a superb job


Now thats what I call a beutiful piece of work...I want one.....I'm inspired again......