October 24th, 2008


The Day the Credability Stood Still

I believe John Cleese is playing Dr Barnhardt in the 'reimagining' (read 'fooking up of') the seminal Sci Fi masterpiece the Day the Earth Stood Still.

I hope they've gambled on a comic playing a straight role and the Gort isn't represented by a Flying Circusesque animated foot. Can't be sure though

Hard to tell to be honest.

But I reackon it's going to be bloody awful !

Oh wow...Now THAT it Brilliant !

Pssssst Check THIS out !

This is ingenious !

Soyuz bag

Is a laptop bag made using a swatch of fbaric from the Decent parachutes of a Soyuz capsule. They also make messenger bags , key rings and phone covers/pouches.

And I simply MUST have one...I may have to have one of each one to actually !

One to use (and inevitably sadly wear out), and another to keep and cherish.

This price for a practical flown piece of Space memorabelia is astonishingly good value.

I may have to check out http://www.collectspace.com/ to check that they are legitimate and above board.

PS.... better not tell anyone else about these or they'll sell out by Evilbay scalpers !

Inappropriate Use of the Law

I see the UK has once again used its domestic anti terror laws, for a purpose unrelated to terrorism , in this instance to freeze financial assest of Icelanders in the UK before they go completely bankrupt.

Hard to know how to feel about this - glad that UK financial interests have beebn safeguarded or disgusted that once again where using a law brought in to deal with the most gravest of crimes to restrict free trade, personal freedom, freedom of expression ...etc

All this a day after the government/police announced the complete hash and bollox up of recording difference levels of serious crime -

The Government and indeed the law is a massive steaming pair of wankers.

Banksy was right ...