October 13th, 2008


These Are the Continuing Voyages of Fencing Sculptor Whose Two Week Mission is to go Boldly

I'm mmmmelting.

Phew...Florida is soooooooooo humid !

AnyhoooooI got back from Key West on Saturday Evening after a couple of great days, went out with Kaush and the kids out for a movie and a burger. Sunday was an odd ish day when we all went out to an orchid Garden in South Miami (very beautiful) then cam back in the afternoon and swam and messed around in the pool for a few hours before watching a Animated movie Marvel's New Avengers....not sure it's even been out in the cinemas yet..... but good fum anyway...even though I was so tires jetlagged and be-headached that I kept drifting off.

Today I'm off again...this time up to the Kennedy Space Centre.

I was to have seen a shuttle launch the highlight of my trip , but that was scrubed before i left the UK.

Still I think I'll still be able to geek-out at the space centre for a couple of days before returning to Miami and the last couple of days of my hols.

I depart in 5-4-3-2 .....

I'll get my coat (even though its too ho to wear it)