October 6th, 2008


We Won't Get Fooled Again..No No....

Well the Theme to CSI:Miami doesn't really work, but that's where I am !

And I have to say it's a bit more summery than ol' London town when I left.

I'm staying with Kaush and his family, a mutual friend of Bryan and I that we used to work with back in the 90's.

The House is beautiful as is his new aby daughter Kritika (not sure whether the spelling is right).

I arrived late Sunday evening after a delayed 9 hour flight from London England, and was met at the airport by Kash, Saurov his sun and Joita is daughter.

Its 1:52 here in the US, and later thisafternoon I believe we're helping one of Kaush's neighbours pilot his newly refrub'd boat down the Maimi river to new moorings....should be good.

Yesterday night I ate out at a cuban place and had a gorgeous steak (medium rare - so a good vet could probably have had it back on its feet) aling with roast platain borwn rice and beans.

I haven't found Burritos yet...the search stars here Telemeister !

Haven't found Caleigh Dupres (emily Proctor ) yet either.

...Must make more of an effort on my Horatio Caine impression..Sunglasses on....thrust crotch out...

Maybe not, I stand more chance of being arrested.

Toodle pip for now from the New World.