September 30th, 2008


Ethel the Aardvark goes Quantity Surveying

I'm going on Holiday.

I've just about finished reading my factual war book pile.
I' thought I'd get a couple of novels for a change.

"You know what I fancy something a bit nostalgic", I thought.

"I'll buy a few novels about the Saint - by Leslie Charteris"

So I ventured out in the pouring rain with a leaky right shoe and trudged up and down the full length of Charring Cross Road, including Murder One , without finding anything 'Saintly'. In the end it was a female punk with purple hair and a quaint nose stud in Foyles who after getting me to spell Charteris twice, told me that anything by Leslie Charteris was completely out of print. She'd never heard of the Saint . ..nor had the young but crusty bearded twit in Waterstones.

In the complete absence of anything Saintly I did have a brief look for "Rarnaby Budge" by Charles Dikkens. That's Dikkens with two Ks, the
well-known Dutch author, but to no avail.

I might try WH SMiths on the way home....for a laugh.