September 29th, 2008


Never.....NEVER....NOT EVER Goad a Karma Pixie...

It seems that God, Space, Time, the Universe, Karma, or whoever runs this universe has a rather twisted sense of humour.

I have just received a call from my friend in the US to tell me that STS 125, the launch of the Atlantis Space shuttle has beenmoved for the fourth time since I booked up to go to the United States to see it.

It was to have launched on the 8th of October.
That date was put back to the 10th of October.
Last week I discovered it had been put back until 14th October.

Today I have just learned it's been put back 2009.

I have dreamt of seeing a shuttle launch nearly 30 years, I was so looking forward to this.

I am so very dissapointed.

Yet again.

Damn and blast it.