September 26th, 2008


I can see clearly now the rain...pain has gone....

Feeling in much better spirits today than I was yesterday. The headache has gone and the mood has lifted.

Trying to crack on with some tidying and cleaning today - I wanted to go and 'do' something with my day off, but I just couldn't make up my mind - so house work and writgin check lists for my forthcoming trip to the States won.

Very glad that I'm missing today's fun and games at work. I'm afriad I would be too tempted to make my true feelings about such stupid and pointless exercises known.

The truth is efforts would be much better directed by diseminating first aid/triage advice/info about what to do immediately after such a horrific event of abomb going off, than all standing crammed into a smelly bog.

Last time I checked Fatwa Pixies didn't extend the common courtesy that that Ol' Irish scallywag Seamus O'Timing Device used too. The just go boom, sans warning.

Still far be it for Government to take appropriate or rational measures eh ?

Todays Karma Score is a Draw !

I saved a Honey Bee from a spiders web, and then trod on a snail.