September 24th, 2008


"Wah-t a difference a Day makes - 24 little hours"

I appear to have woken up in an alternate universe.

The PM appears to be soaring high in the opinion of his colleagues, the media and voters having delivered a robust stirring speech which has shown him to be the true leader that he is (alledgedly).

The recent years of public disillusionment with a party that has left a legacy of, shallow talk and rhetoric, a string of failed or impotent key government policies that have little or no coherence or relavence to the social problems that they seek to address, a politically correct nanny-led society with eroded values and an unhealthy focus on the selfish rights of groups and individuals rather than selfless social values that address the needs of the many not the needs of the few, and not forgetting the minor issue of a series of dubious military actions that has cost the lives of 1000s - all seems to have been washed away.

Can they not see the 'Emperor' is wearing no clothes ?

Mind you that Foreign Secretary still looks like a complete ****er, so no change there then.

To sum up using internet parlance WAAAAAAH !